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Peterson Products Catalog
This Peterson Catalog is currently available as an Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) file. In order to view a PDF document, your computer must be equipped with a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat. If your computer is not equipped with this program please choose Download Adobe Acrobat Reader before continuing.

Entire Catalog Catalog

Organ Control Systems
Diode Matrix Switching Page 2
OrgaPlex™ Switching Page 4
Junctions and Connectors Page 6
Duo Set™ Combination Action Page 7
MIDI Resource System™ Page 10
ICS-4000™ Integrated Control System Page 12

Keyboards, Stops and Expression
Master Touch II™ Keyboards Page 16
Modular Key Contact Assembly Page 17
Pedal Key Contact System Page 18
RC-150™ Electronic Swell Shade Operator Page 19
Expression and Crescendo Shoes Page 20
Power Tab™ Page 22
Power Knob™ Page 23
Z-Bracket™ Rocker Tablet Assembly Page 24
T-Rail Tongue Tablet Assembly Page 25

Valves, Chimes, Power and Voices
Series II All-Electric Pipe Valve Page 28
SuperValve™ Page 30
Dual Slider Solenoid Controller Page 31
Cathedral Chimes™ Page 32
Solid State Chime Relay Page 34
Inteli-Power™ Page 35
Electronic Low Note Tone Generators Page 36
Console AC Control System Page 38

Console Parts and Tuners
Console Services Page 40
Engraving Page 42
Tuners Page 43
Conditions of Sale Page 44

Barbara Dennerlein plays Jazz on the Church Pipe Organ at Rockefeller Chapel, Chicago.

Watch Now!
In this video, the organ Barbara plays is controlled by a Peterson ICS-4000 Control System.

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