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   ICS 4000™
For decades, the pipe organ has been called the “King of Instruments” due to the majesty of its sound and the sheer physical beauty of its rows of pipes and elegant console. And over the centuries, those who have made it their mission to play, build, and repair these striking instruments are regarded as skilled, resourceful artists. Since 1948, Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc., has found a way to combine
respected tradition with modern innovation by engineering reliable and creative products to ensure that these remarkable instruments are at their best.And they must be doing something right, because many thousands of pipe organs all over the world use Peterson products! So enter and read all about the many ways in which Peterson strives to preserve a rich musical past while moving forward into the modern age of electronics with the control products they sell to builders worldwide!
Barbara Dennerlein plays Jazz on the Church Pipe Organ at Rockefeller Chapel, Chicago.

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In this video, the organ Barbara plays is controlled by a Peterson ICS-4000 Control System.

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